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100+ million in program now/ final merge, which means fatality can accrue in V.R.
Librarian’s planed virus for system
Lord Irk D’Vile a.k.a. Vex shows up.
Purple Gang goes public w/ Clay, Ms. Goodnight Rainbow 3 (Flame, Drop & G-Round) & Monster
More & more rumors that the world is coming to an end



Rainbow 3 (Flame, Drop & G-Round) Leave Halo
Halo controls space satellite program.
Halos’ “Michigan’s fresh water program begins
Patriot tries to stop terrorist in London’s bombings
Cabal regroups w/ Nightmare, Zephyr, Ravenous & VooDoo testing flu strands in Asia

Clay buys nuclear technology in Libya

Patriot & Medusa kill Redstar (cased in stone)
Steven Walls Sr. in Coma/ 2nd merge
Halo experiment w/ Solar flares
Solar Guard enters causing east coast blackout
Funny Man behind SARS epidemic in America


Dark Sun is the cause for rolling blackouts in California
Clay unknowingly creates Funny Man on Halo mission in Argentina

Scorpion presumed dead.
Mythors dismantle.
Steven Walls Jr. lost at sea.
Halo run s V.R. program solely w/ access to global records of every know person.

Pirates (Hackers) gain access to worm holes in Halos’ V.R. program.
PU (Pirates United) form
Halo begins to form Halo Wetworks to deal w/ Pirates
Halo begins to form Halo Wetworks to deal w/ Pirates


Sling Shot joins Mythors


Majestic Wars w/ Mythors Begins

Mythors assemble w/ Dweller, Bolt, Reader, Blazer, Wing & Scorpion

Battle on Jupiter

To stop a Leak in Mississippi

Calm a crowd for L.A.
Plans to taint food supplies in Somalia
Closing Camp in Sebia


European space probe Huygens lands on Saturn’s moon Titan.
Islamic United Iraqi Alliance gains majority
Ceasefire between Palestinians & Israel.
N’ Korea declares that it has nuclear weapons.
In Beirut, Lebanon, Rafik Harriri, former Prime Minister killed, followed by anti- and pro- Syrian demonstrations.
Rising concern about bird flu outbreaks in SE’ Asia.
Pope John Paul II succeeded by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany as Pope Benedict XVI.
US Congress report that global terrorist attacks rose to 650 in 2004 from 175 in 2003
Terrorist kill 52 people in London subway bombings.

Mars rovers Spirit & Opportunity land on Mars, and find evidence of water in the planet’s past.
Abdul Khan of Pakistan admits of selling nuclear technologies to Iran, Libya and North Korea.
Libya announces termination of nuclear program.
Afghan warlords fight over control of drug trade.
Terrorists kill 190 people in Madrid train bombings.
European Union expands to 25 nations
Arab militias terrorize population in southern Sudan.
Hundreds of people killed after Chechen separatists take 1000 people hostage in a school in S’ Russia
Conservatives sweep elections in US Bush re-elected Pres.
Major tsunami disaster around the Indian Ocean, over 150,000 people perish.

North Korea abandons Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty.
Space shuttle Columbia breakes apart during re-entry over Texas killing all astronauts.
World-wide protests against war in Iraq.
SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) spreads from Asia to America & Europe.
Heat wave scorches Europe (over 35,000 killed)
US-led troops invade and occupy Iraq, Saddam Hussein captured in Tikrit; but guerrilla type attacks continue in central and northern Iraq.
US Congressional Report: No weapons of mass destruction found and no link with al-Qaida kidnapping of foreign aid workers and journalist.  Major fighting in Fallujah and Mosul w/ daily attacks in Baghdad.  CIA Report: Iraq has become the major center for global terrorists during the course of the war.

K-Mart files for bankruptcy in US
Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica collapses.
2-mile thick pollution cloud over South Asia causing death of half-million people annually also heavy floods in Europe, Mexico & China.
Hindu-Moslem violence in India escalates.
Suicide bombings in Israel and Israeli tanks enter West Bank cities.
WorldCom files for largest US Chapter 11 bankruptcy case ever.
International Criminal Court created, vehemently opposed by the US.
*Worldwide hunt for al Qaeda continues.  *Terrorist bombing of resort club in Bali & Chechen rebels seize theater in Moscow.
Us Congress authorizes Pres. Bush to use armed forces against Iraq & UN Security Council approves resolution to send weapons inspectors to Iraq.

Space Probe lands on asteroid Eros.
Power crisis & rolling blackouts in California.
US National Academy of Science reports that global temperatures would raise 2.5-10 degree Fahrenheit by the end of the century.
President Bush pledges to build missile defence system.
Terrorist crash hijacked airplanes into World Trade Center in New York.
Argentina: Rioting causes change of government.
Northern alliance & US forces defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan w/ US bombing of al Qaeda hideouts in Tora Bora.

DNA sequencing of human genome roughly completed.
Decline of NASDAQ and of dot.com businesses.
International Space Station up.
Pope John Paul II visits Jerusalem
Russian submarine Kursk sinks in Barents Sea w/ 118 sailors.
Israel withdraws from S. Lebanon.
First meeting ever between Pres. Of N. & S. Korea
Bush barely wins US Presidency by a few hundred votes.
Clashes between Palestinians and Israelis continue.
Global Warming Conference at the Hague fails.

More than 15,000 people die in earthquake in Turkey.
First balloon flight around the world.
Egyptair flight crashes over Atlantic, killing all passengers aboard.
Senate acquits Pres. Clinton of impeachment charges.
Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary join NATO.
Military coup in Pakistan.
NATO launches air strikes on Serbia to end attacks against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

E-mails become popular.
Hurricane Mitch kills 9000 in Central America.
Pakistan adopts Islamic legal system based on the Koran
Pope John Paul II visits Cuba.
India & Pakistan conduct first nuclear tests.
Peace accord in Northern Ireland.
Terrorist bomb US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and US launches missile strikes against Afghanistan & Sudan.
Israel & PLO reach land-for-peace West Bank accord.
Iraq bans UN weapons inspectors & US launches airstrikes.
Pres. Clinton impeached by Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Monster fountain of antimatter found from core of Milky Way.
Kyoto Protocol Convention on Climate Change.
Scotish researcher creates clone lamb from adult sheep DNA.
Socialist parties win national elections in Britain & France.
Turks attack Kurdish rebels, over 1,000 guerillas killed.
Agreement leads to Palestinian control of Hebron.
In Peru government commandos storm the home of the Japanese envoy and free 71 hostages.
Islamic militants massacre hundreds of villagers in Algeria.
In Zaire rebel forces overthrow the regime of Pres. Mobutu.

Discovery of a new planet near the 4th closet star to Earth.
EU imposes ban on British beef because of mad cow disease.
US tobacco company Liggett to repay more than $10 million for treatment of smokers.
Racial hostility leads to dozen of church burnings in the US.
Pres. Clinton re-elected.
Indian Hindu Nationalist Party wins national elections.
In Sri Lanka 4,000 Tamil rebels overrun a military base.
Talibans conquer Afghanistan.
About 225,000 Hutu refugees flee camps in eastern Zaire.
US launches cruise missiles as punishment for Iraq’s invasion of Kurdish safe heavens.

Earthquake hits Kobe, Japan.
Bank scandal in London.
Collapse of largest credit union in Japan.
Jacques Chirac elected Pres. Of France.
Federal building in Oklahoma city destroyed by car bomb.
The leaders of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia sign a peace agreement in Dayton, Ohio.
Israel & Palestine sign an agreement in Washington that grants the Palestinians autonomy in the Westbank and Gaza.
Israeli Prime Minister Rabin assassinated in Jerusalem.
Hutus massacred in refugee camps in Rwanda.

Earthquake hits Los Angeles.
Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashes into the planet Jupiter.
France: Chauvet cave discovered, whose paintings are more than 30,000 years old.
IRA ceasefire lifts hope for peace in Ireland.
Russian troops storm breakaway republic of Chechenia in southern Russia.
US troops seize Haiti General Cedras resigns.  Elected leader B. Aristide takes control of government.
Palestinian leader Arafat returns from exile to Gaza.
Nelson Mandela sworn in as Pres. Of South Africa.
Africa: Genocide in Rwanda’s killing fields.

Space telescope Hubble repaired by Endeavour shuttle crew.
First Web Browser created Andreeson.
Large flood in Mississippi.
Single European Market begins.
Huge bomb rocks World Trade Center building in New York.
Siege in Waco (US) ends in firestorm.
Rabin & Arafat shake hands in Washington.
Yeltsin orders attack on the “White House” in Moscow & local Soviet councils dissolved.
Crisis in Soviet (Georgia).

Earth summit held in Rio Convention on Protection of Species on Protection of Species and Habitat signed.
27,000 year old paintings found in cave near Marseilles.
Clinton wins presidency in US
Rodney King riots in L.A.
NAFTA Trade Pact signed by USA, Canada and Mexico.
Riots in Ayodhya (India) after fanatical Hindus sack mosque.
S. Africa approves reforms giving blacks equal legal rights.
Algerian Pres. Boudiaf killed By Islamic Salvation Front.
UN troops protect international food supplies in Somalia.
Afghan rebels enter Kabul.
Civil war in Yugoslavia.
Death camps found in Serbia.
First NATO attack over Bosnia
1965 Ivan Sutherland created the head-mounted display, or HMD.
1959 the government had already had there HMD and a 5 yr. Jump on V.R.
1970 the military began using computer graphics in flight simulators.
1982 Wright-Patterson improved simulator technology w/ (VCASS) the Visually Coupled Airborne Systems Simulator.
1965 the government was already using Wright-Patterson improvements and was already in the late ‘90s technology without the public’s and many top officials of the military knowledge
1970 the government & Halo, an independent contracting research company, begin testing 10 human subjects that are believed to have physic abilities in V.R. to see if their abilities would advance.