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Don't forget to print out your hex sheets and equipment page for gameplay!

CLICK HERE to get a hex sheet

CLICK HERE to get an equipment page

CLICK HERE to get a printable version of the rules

CLICK HERE for a copy of the score sheet

CLICK HERE for a printable gaming legend

Thank you to everyone who made this site possible!

Thank You!!!

I would just like to thank all of the big people that can’t see little things, without them I

wouldn’t have been able to slip in and out of tight places…lol, to my Webmaster, who

has held my hand and saved me from over explaining this project, my teachers, who said

comic books were a waste knowing kids do just the opposite (I didn’t start reading till

then), TPI for listening and not shoving off, Staples for that red button,

Myshopangle.com for having stuff the dollar store didn’t, RVwebhosting.com, the Zen

Cart Pros for being Heroes when I was falling, hit the ground and couldn’t get up,

Megacomp, for keeping up and running, my family, parents and grandparents for

allowing to make even more mistakes, my brother for going through the same things and

my daughter for inspiring me to just be a kid but make ground up money, my friends for

allowing me to choose them and they me and the children for teaching me you’re never to

old to make money off of them! lol. Speaking of…the young cutie pie at the bar I hang

at…got me back to drawing with the encouragement of some of my housemates!!!

Also thanks for the support, Webforge.com, webdevelopmenteasy.com, Mr. Piper with

SCORE (it is funny! Learning the game…) That software guy, for giving me a shot,

Heritage Web Solutions, Virtual Atlantic, Prime-Programmers.com, Urgent!, Qualiteam,

CustomCartMods, Tricountypackaging.com, Stamps@inc-it-now.com, Tiffany McCoy

with Detroit News, Robert Hawkins with CBS, Buylamination.com, the US postal

service, through it all, Paypal, the check is in the mail, Bing, quick to answer, Skype, I’m

going to call as soon as I can!, Leadstash, I’m looking for you, Dell computers, surprise

surprise!, 5th 3rd Bank, all of my housemates the last couple of years (even the part time

ones!), Irfan and Sarah with Web Development Easy, the brothers in the hood, when the capital got low(at the station and pawning

shop), Wayne State, for holding those business workshops, the Detroit library, help with

more than just reading and many more that will be recognized later as things progress…

GOD, first, last and forever!!!